The mini-fridge in the hotel room made a sound like a Geiger-counter in Chernobyl. That strange detail stood out to me as I tried to fall asleep in Pocahontas, Arkansas; that, and insecurity. I was preparing to represent my school at a college seminary day, and I kept wondering if I’d be able to answer student questions, if I’d be overdressed (or underdressed), if I’d do a good job. The event went well, and I had some great conversations with prospective students. Still, in the back of my mind, insecurity loomed, evaluating everything I did. Continue reading


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If you, O church, could only see
The sin that hides inside of me,
Would you maintain that I am free?
That Jesus is my hope and plea?
Would not “Pariah” be my name?
And would you not seek to defame?
And posit me with damning blame,
Though flesh afflicts us all the same?
For all have fallen short of this,
We all take part in Judas’ kiss
And ev’ry man has gone amiss
In search of sin’s mirage of bliss.

But you, O Lord, do truly see
The sin that hides inside of me,
Yet still you heard this sinner’s plea,
And still you came to make men free.

The Church

How beautiful the consonance,
The sanctifying resonance,
The Gospel’s holy consequence,
Emerging song from dissonance.
The church, as one, breaks forth in song,
The Savior’s bride, the salvaged throng,
Of her Redeemer, steadfast, strong.
To him, their lives, their loves, belong.
The church is one through him who died,
Diverse in tribe yet unified.
Each branch doth in the Vine abide,
Connected by the Son inside.
All bound to him by faith alone
From ev’ry cont’nent, ev’ry zone.
Each one unique; no one a clone:
The church of God before the throne.
This varied multitude in span
United by the Father’s plan
Beyond the differences of man
Is saved into a holy clan.