New Year

The days increase that make up time behind,
And days unknown to us now lie before
Our feet, whose steps we never can rewind,
But must advance through this now open door.
The times around us change with each new day
Regardless of our feelings for the change.
Unsteady is the ground we wish would stay;
Our lives seem always set to rearrange.
But steady and unshakeable is truth,
And most dependable is God above.
For all the elderly and all the youth,
The constant in the universe is Love.
So hope as this new year begins to dawn,
And trust the Lord whose reign goes ever on.


First thoughts in 2015

How often does my heart long for blessings in time rather than the eternal Lord? I find myself wanting what I can feel and see over what truly lasts. I long for shadows more than the Son.

This year, may that change. I pray that I would look to God at all times in all things. Let me no longer be satisfied with the temporary when eternity is in my heart. Let the Almighty be all my hope and joy and peace. May I seek to glorify him in every action, thought, relationship, exercise, job, etc. I want to live like I’ve been redeemed. I want to want holiness.

God, hear my prayer. Change my desires. Increase my faith. Sanctify my soul. Discipline me. Use me.

I surrender all.