Count It All Joy

The tragedies and maladies of life
All serve a saving purpose for the saint
For struggles that surmount a life with strife
Become the hues with which our Lord doth paint
O’er ev’ry evil, Elohim prevails
Effulgent Savior, holy thaumaturge
From death’s embrace, the true Messiah hails
And makes what brought despair to heal and purge
Now watch as broken daughters rise to dance
Now see as sickly sons stand up to praise
The vilest horrors help to fix our stance
The worst oppression only lifts the haze
No pow’r is held by any enemy
All things do work as one for good to me


Let us linger
This our prayer
Here surrender ev’ry care
Humble praises
Fill the air
Come and meet us
Savior Jesus

Worn and weary
Here we wait
Be the bread upon our plate
Broken vessels
Holy Father
Perfect Author

Resting, growing
On you now we fix the eye
Kingdom, glory
God most high
Sin now felling
Spirit dwelling

“Nevermore the Same”

Tenebrific tendencies
Tender for the flame
All of flesh abandoned now
Glory to the Name
Sin no longer satisfies
Life has filled the sinner’s eyes
Hope now grows as darkness dies
Nevermore the same

God’s messiah is revealed
Way and truth and life
Holy kingdom now at hand
Bringing joy and strife
Captive souls, he liberates
Darkest sin, propitiates
Open now are heaven’s gates
Enter, rescued wife

Glory that outweighs despair
All-surpassing hope
Trial now the exercise
Sanctifying trope
Healing wrought in bitter pain
Death: the door to greatest gain
Now removed is every stain
Life: eternal scope