The Word

In the beginning was the Word, our God.
In him, creation is and is sustained.
In time, upon this earth, he came to trod.
This Jesus: God translated, God explained.
But man, in darkness, did not know the Light,
Nor took the Word as more than persiflage.
The blind still claimed to see with certain sight.
Their law: a mere intransitive triage.
But glory from the Father through the Son
Has broken through the barrier of sin.
The saving work of heaven has been done.
The Word once dead will never die again.
Awakened by the will of God, we claim
Salvation in the Word’s most holy name.

Day 192

More continue to fall.

Our numbers are thinning. I fear that, in time, we all will be taken. Two of the four of us are already gone. The third’s days are numbered, and I already see him fading away, changing into something different than the man I met years ago. He’s not yet gone, but I know it won’t be long. He knows it too. Poor old boy doesn’t even fight it. Soon, I’ll be the only one left.

The influence of “the others” is staggering. For so long, it all seemed manageable. For years, we laughed, ignorantly confident, at what we then only knew as legend, that which is now reality. We never dreamed they would be so strong. God, help us.

For now, I’m safe, but I have no way of knowing how long that will last. Will I be taken as well one day? Only God knows. There’s no wisdom in worry. I can only submit myself to the Lord and pray for grace and mercy.

I pray for those who remain with us. I pray too for those being taken. Lord, bring us safely home. Amen.

– Joe Waller
Day 192 of the year of weddings

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Meditation on Isaiah 55

Your word, once sent, will not return
Without accomplishing its task
Its working is not our concern
But to be ready when you ask
Acknowledging our role in this
Is knowing not your detailed will
Your movement here our eyes might miss
But you, we know, are moving still
With thoughts far higher than our own
In ways unsearchable to men
You are the God unknown yet known
Triumphant o’er the curse of sin
You give the food and drink we need
Though we are poor and cannot pay
We, from futility, are freed
For you, O God, have made a way
So let us, humbled, seek your face
Forsaking all unrighteousness
And pardon us with perfect grace
To worship you in holiness

The Almighty

You are the truth in a time of confusion
You, the reality in the illusion
Strength and supply for the weak and the weary
Steadfast in wisdom with every query
Faithful and flawless, you are the defender
Fixed as the victor, you never surrender
Perfect in holiness, pure in your vision
Power and glory demanding submission
Reigning in sov’reignty, rivaled by no one
Revelation of the heaven you open
Gracious and merciful, ever forgiving
God: ever light, ever love, ever living

Though Man May Die

The scalpel in my Father’s hand
Doth fill my soul with hope and dread:
Hope for the good that he hath planned;
Dread for the loss of what is dead.
Afflicted with a fearful faith,
The foreign and familiar fused-
The actions of the holy wraith
Obscured by actions unexcused.
Yet I am not accused by God,
Despite the sins I still commit.
I fall before the meas’ring rod,
But, by his grace, he doth remit.
His right hand of omnipotence
No longer waits with wrath for me:
The God-man, breathing holiness,
Bore holes and wrath upon the tree.
Now he upholds with righteous arm
The souls now saved from Sodom’s fate.
He works his purpose through each harm
As for his work we watch and wait.
So banish now these fleshly fears
And fear the holy God most high.
His work, though wrought with many tears,
Brings life to man though man may die.