Is God still good when I have been so wrong?
Or when I’m wronged, does love still win the day?
I read that he’s been with me all along,
But can it be when pain and sorrow stay?
Or might it be that his exalted might
Is meant not to pluck out but to uphold?
And could it be my eyes so weak of sight
Cannot perceive his plan of ages old?
Could he be working all things for my good
Although it seems that he is nowhere near?
Is this my furnace, this my cross of wood,
That shows me through my death that God is here?
How can I then bemoan the fiercest throes,
The holy forging, sanctifying blows?

Thoughts from Psalm 8 and John 2

How can it be
That he would see
From heaven’s highest throne
A broken man
With fallen plan
And call him for his own?

The earth and sky
Before his eye
Submit to his command,
Yet by his grace
This human race
Is set above the land.

This God above
Is rich in love
And stoops to care for men.
He came in night
To shine his light
And save our souls from sin.

Oh mystery
Of sov’reignty
Who knows our mortal state:
The Lord of life
Embracing strife
To change the sinner’s fate.