The Dead

The day is overcast
I see in skies ahead
The birds and copters flying fast
My heart is filled with dread
The city lies below
From there not few have fled
For therein winds of death do blow
And therein walk the dead
Awake but not alive
Consumed to flesh and bone
The corpses feed to just survive
Together and alone
Detached from what is life
A hunger overgrown
With tragedy their days are rife
Their hearts as good as stone
And such were some of you
But you have been redeemed
The promised cure has proven true
Beyond what man has dreamed
The sleepers now awake
The lifeless voices screamed
And war ensues to fin’lly break
The end the cursed one schemed


Heading not his illocution
We have earned our execution
Guilty ‘fore the Father
Ev’ry son and daughter
But the Son, in God’s solution
Bore the curse of sin’s pollution
Breaking through the pother
Found the slave and bought her
Now the veil is torn asunder
Nevermore can Satan plunder
“Righteous,” now the heading
Freed is she from fretting
Heaven’s call in holy thunder
Fills her soul with fear and wonder
Bride adorned for wedding
Perfect love, the setting

You Sneaky Sin

The Ten Commandments.

When you read those words, you probably thought about one of three things: The Law of God, Moses, or Charlton Heston. It’s possible that you pictured Christian Bale, but I’m assuming there aren’t many who made that specific connection. Regardless of what your mind associates that title with, I doubt that the Ten Commandments are totally foreign to you. You may even be trying to count how many you know from memory, listing them off in classic King James Version English (“Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal,” etc. (Exodus 20:13-15, KJV)). Continue reading

The Journey

“Further up and further in”
Thus our wand’ring feet must go
Answer “Yes” or answer “No”
Let the journey now begin
Enter now this holy bond
Heaven’s Son lifts up your face
Faultless ‘fore the throne of grace
Father calls and we respond
Whether by our sprint or schlep
We must mount the heights today
There is help along the way
Do not lose your heart or step
Trust the holy Trinity
Evermore in him abide
He will never leave your side
God has won the victory



Wake the slumb’ring soul within this man
I have wandered far from my first love
Living by my world-influenced plan
I have lost my eyes for things above
Not that God’s salvation was in vain
Nor have I been stolen from his hand
My old flesh, however, doth remain
Warring ‘gainst the grace in which I stand
I, like Paul, do feel the fight inside
Flesh and spirit trading blows within
Though my Lord now calls me to abide
I bypass escape to fall to sin

No more

Resuscitate me from this momentary lapse of consciousness
I long to leave these lesser things and live in hope and holiness
My eyes have seen the glory of the risen, reigning, coming King
So let my feeble breath be brought before you as an offering

Set my eyes on things above
Bring me back to my first love


Laying down to make atonement
Rising up to his enthronement
Humble condescension
Glorious ascension
God in flesh in place of sinner
Holy, sacrificial dinner
Blood and body broken
Word of God now spoken
Cross of wood for man’s salvation
Gift of God: propitiation
Work of Christ completed
Curse of sin deleted
Christ the fount of life eternal
Author of the church fraternal
God of highest glory
Hero of the story