Wake the slumb’ring soul within this man
I have wandered far from my first love
Living by my world-influenced plan
I have lost my eyes for things above
Not that God’s salvation was in vain
Nor have I been stolen from his hand
My old flesh, however, doth remain
Warring ‘gainst the grace in which I stand
I, like Paul, do feel the fight inside
Flesh and spirit trading blows within
Though my Lord now calls me to abide
I bypass escape to fall to sin

No more

Resuscitate me from this momentary lapse of consciousness
I long to leave these lesser things and live in hope and holiness
My eyes have seen the glory of the risen, reigning, coming King
So let my feeble breath be brought before you as an offering

Set my eyes on things above
Bring me back to my first love


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