Counted righteous, yet we sin
Broken, but He lives within
Dying daily while we live
We are paupers, yet we give
Owning, but cannot afford
Wealth belonging to the Lord
Rich beyond all human dreams
In the desert finding streams
Walking from the state of death
Lungs of dust inflate with breath
Weakness shows a deeper might
Faith replaces eyes for sight
Hope endures when hope has died
Tortured souls in peace abide
Counting joy the deepest strife
Dying Son; eternal life


A Prayer of Thanks

Thank you for your grace in sending
Clouds and rain to cool the day.
Thank you for your love unending,
God who listens when we pray.
Thank you that your love is founded
Not in what this man can bring;
In your life my own is grounded.
Of the cross and grave I sing.
Thank you for a hope unfailing,
For a future sealed and sure.
When my soul this world is ailing,
By your Word I will endure.
Let me always seek your glory,
Yours the Name that reigns alone.
Use my life to tell your story
Till I stand before your throne.

Idolatry and Redemption

The bride has pledged devotion to
A love more perfect than she knows
A groom more faithful, strong, and true
Who saw her flaws and still her chose
He cleansed and cured her sores and scars
He bade her break her bond with death
He set her free from prison bars
Imbibed was she with saving breath
His love surpassed what she had known
When she was bound to broken ways
His bond to her was set in stone
He vowed to love her all her days
Yet she was found in bed with those
Who left her broken in the dirt
She threw away her true repose
To grasp at harlotry and hurt
Perfection was too low for her
Her heart, too weak to recognize
His name, his life, he did confer
To make her pure before his eyes
She well deserved to lose her place
He had the right to cast her out
But she was met instead with grace
His faithfulness removed all doubt
His love was found not in her flesh
Nor in her goodness, grace, or worth
He, by his nature, did refresh
And in his holiness did girth
And she, though not made perfect yet
Experienced a change of heart
And though her past she won’t forget
She walks in light of this new start



How can eternity be fit into
A heart wrapped up in temporality?
Can lying lips do justice to the True?
The finite comprehend infinity?
We quake before the whispers of his ways.
Who then could stand before his thund’rous might?
This God who is, the all-consuming blaze –
He dwelleth unapproachable in light.
And yet, in Christ, the Maker made a way
For mortal man to know immortal love.
And Beauty – more than words could ever say –
Became the Revelation from above.
Communion takes the place of death in sin
As God makes blinded eyes to see again.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash