Why I’m glad God isn’t like the Barclays Premier League

Every season, the three teams that finish last in the Barclays Premier League get relegated to the Championship, meaning they lose their place in the top twenty teams of the BPL. This makes for a really intense football season, because even the best teams can quickly drop into the relegation zone. The danger is real, making the football season a fight for survival for some of the lower teams. Those slots can be filled with teams from lower divisions, but a team has to fight to earn a place in the elite twenty BPL teams. This system makes for some great football. But it’s a horrible system for theology.
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The Goal

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am by no stretch of the imagination a “sports guy.” Sure, I played little league softball for a few years, dabbled in some volleyball at a local park, and played some football and soccer at church, but I never gained a passion for any of them, in part because I was never all that athletic. I was also homeschooled until I graduated high school, so I never played for a team during those years. Furthermore, my immediate family members are not really sports enthusiasts, although I do have a few ties to Texas A&M (shout out to my Uncle Don, Uncle Jim, and Mom). I’m far from competitive, low on team spirit, and largely ignorant when the conversation turns to fantasy football draft picks. Until Saturday, I had lived my life without the ESPN app and its catchy jingle (Da-da-da! Da-da-da!). Continue reading