Thoughts from Psalm 8 and John 2

How can it be
That he would see
From heaven’s highest throne
A broken man
With fallen plan
And call him for his own?

The earth and sky
Before his eye
Submit to his command,
Yet by his grace
This human race
Is set above the land.

This God above
Is rich in love
And stoops to care for men.
He came in night
To shine his light
And save our souls from sin.

Oh mystery
Of sov’reignty
Who knows our mortal state:
The Lord of life
Embracing strife
To change the sinner’s fate.

Wondrous Redemption, Mysterious Mercy

What kind of God would answer sin
With mercy, grace, and love?
Who pardons one so dark within
With blood from One above?              
What Lord would take the rebel wretch
And make of him a son
While sending his own Son to fetch
Through death the wicked one?
How can it be that I should see        
Your love on full display   
When, even as I follow Thee,
I still do you betray?
I stand in guilt before your throne;
You throw my sin away.
You say I’ll never be alone;
Your Spirit here will stay.
O Lord of all, I worship you
In spite of who I am
For who you are and what you do,
O sacrificial Lamb.