O blessed joy of ignorance
As to what lies ahead,
For fears assault my common sense
In search of steps to tread.
My future lies unknown to me
Beyond my line of sight,
And as I look to what I see,
My heart is filled with fright.
This drives me to despair in hope
In what I can create
Until, as I in darkness grope,
I learn to sit and wait.
O blessed desperation which
Destroys the idol’s hold
And shows me that I am not rich
In faith like saints of old.
O blessed pain that pushes back
Against my comfort’s walls
And makes me see my state of lack
Instead of white washed halls.
Oh bless the trial that makes me know
I have no hope but one.
I can’t complain if I would grow
In light of God’s own Son.
My flesh is strong, my weakness vast,
My hope in self has died.
His love is proved from ages past.
In him, I shall abide.


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