Rejoice, O joyful Christian

Rejoice, O joyful Christian

Rejoice, O joyful Christian
The sin you know so well
No longer has the power
To keep your soul for hell
Your curse no longer owns you
Your burden is removed
For God in flesh has borne it
His love for you he proved

Rejoice, O joyful Christian
“Sinner” is not your name
Though once you served the darkness
You now are not the same
The blood of Christ has cleansed you
Your darkness turned to light
In Jesus, you are righteous
Your blindness turned to sight

You are a new creation
The old has passed away
Your life is reformation
You grow in grace each day
God’s Spirit dwells within you
A seal of perfect peace
He will renew the broken
In him, despair will cease

So hope in his salvation
And rest in his delight
No more are you forsaken
No more enslaved by night
For God destroyed division
Between himself and you
There is no condemnation
For Christ has made you new

Rejoice, O joyful Christian
No man can steal your joy
No devil can destroy you
You stand through every ploy
No trial is too painful
Temptations have no pow’r
Rejoice, O joyful Christian
And stand for God this hour


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