Matthew 7:21-23

Into a converse we now look
Between the Master and a crook.
Relationship the man mistook;
Now caught is he by fatal hook.

We kick and cry and curse and fight
Against the rain, the pain, the night,
As all offenders face our spite,
For we have surely earned the right.
How long, O Lord, have we obeyed?
Our flesh, though tempted, has been stayed.
To you for blessings we have prayed.
Are these, our lives, mere games you’ve played?
Wake up, O God, and serve our will.
We stand here waiting bored and still.
We’ve done enough to not be ill.
Come down: our lives with pleasure fill.
Or we may cease to worship you,
No longer live as Christians do.
So think, dear Lord, and now come through.
We give you to the count of two.

O child, you claim to know me well,
Yet cannot see how far you fell.
You still are under Satan’s spell,
So listen to the truth I tell:
You kicked and cried and cursed and fought
Against my Son, your King, for naught.
He never sinned, yet blood you sought.
His rights laid down; your freedom bought.
How long, O man, have you betrayed,
While I my holy wrath have stayed?
Your sin upon my Son was laid.
Transgressions: just a game you’ve played.
Now tell me, just what is your will
That makes you apathetic still?
I gave myself, your life to fill,
And still you dare complain of ill?
What need of mine does worship meet?
Which quality is not replete?
You claim to walk with propped up feet.
You never knew the mercy seat.
No longer hold this foolish pride,
This heart of stone you keep inside.
To give you life, my Son has died.
Now run to him; remain; abide.
Repent and turn away from sin.
Deny yourself; let life begin.
Embrace my love and enter in,
Or you will die to die again.

Two voices speaking ‘cross the span.
One hope to ‘scape the timeless ban.
The mirror shows the person: man.
The Gospel shows the Father’s plan.

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