“And now for something completely different.”

I’m throwing in a bonus post this week because I’m trying something new, and I could really use some feedback. Let me know what you think of this, and be brutally honest! Your critique will help out tremendously!

To the praise of His glory,


Behold the burier, bearing the Sword
And fording the chasm we could not afford
To cross.
He crossed the great expanse.
Stepping from eternal glory into the
Gory gulf in which our souls are sinking,
He came to start men thinking about their lack of syncing
With the Lord of all creation,
Against whom terminal men declare war.
Into the land of lost children, where
The lord of the flies claimed kingship,
The Lord of the skies stepped into the fray,
Surprising the night with a knight of day.

Some say that he was nothing but a liar, and,
With their tongues of fire, they try to burn down the forest,
But their false flames can’t quench his holy fire.
He was born to die
That, dying, he might lay death to rest.
The curse was buried with his final breath,
With his next breath,
The cure came to men.


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