Purpose (Extended Version)


Let my life be more than just existence.
Let me look beyond the day to day.
Teach me the importance of persistence
Till inner resistance falls away.
I am prone to wander, apt to tarry
When the time has come to carry on.
Be for me, therefore, a holy ferry
Through the night until the light of dawn.
Make me know the measure of my being.
Let me look beyond forgiven crimes.
With each passing moment, keep me seeing
Your eternity within our times.
May the purpose of this present moment
Far outweigh all former faults and fears.
Focus me in view of the atonement.
Fetter me to thee for all my years.

One thought on “Purpose (Extended Version)

  1. I love this poem, and the message. As I was reading, my little brother was playing You Raise Me Up on the piano, and I couldn’t help reading to the tune of the song. Thanks for sharing!

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