Work In Progress

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Today is my birthday. Birthdays are great excuses to spend quality time with family and friends, and I cherish those times. But birthdays are also great times to reflect on one’s life. Here are a few things I’ve noticed as I’ve reflected on my life this year.

1. The word “paradox” describes my life right now. I am pursuing a graduate degree in Christian thought, yet I see more than ever how little I actually know about God. I desire to grow in holiness, but I regularly choose sleep over time with God. I feel a bit old, yet I’m relatively young. I see my need to discipline my body, but I had king cake for breakfast. In so many ways, I feel like a walking contradiction. Yet I know God is still moving, so I press on and pray for grace.

2. I realize, perhaps more than ever, the need for intentionality in all I do. When I work, I need to be intentional in my work lest I drift off course. When I rest, I need to be intentional in my rest lest I waste my time. We never just exist; there is always purpose. God designed us for his glory, and he has given us a life-consuming mission. I pray that everything I do reflects his kingdom and righteousness, not a life that just goes through the motions.

3. God’s grace is far more vast than I ever realized. I can’t count the times he’s blessed me unexpectedly, often when I have least deserved blessing. With friends and family, with provision, with wisdom, with his word – in ways I often take for granted, God is showing his grace and love. He deserves far more worship and thanks than I am equipped to express.

Ultimately, I see that I am a work in progress. I am still learning, still growing, still moving forward on this journey of life. I don’t know when the road will end, whether it be near or far. But I know that God is in control, and I know he is trustworthy. So this year, I pray for eyes to see him more clearly, feet to follow him more faithfully, a heart to trust him more completely. I pray he is glorified in all I do. And I look forward to knowing him more.

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