Some seasons of life bring immense spiritual growth. Your heart burns within you as you learn new things about the Lord, about yourself, and about your place in his kingdom, and you likely will remember the lessons for years afterward. But other seasons of life bring feelings of stagnation and coldness. You desire growth, but you can’t seem to detect any progress in your journey with the Lord. I think I’m currently in the latter season. Continue reading

Poem Challenge!

When I first began to try my hand at poetry, I practiced by writing poems based on random ideas from my friends. Because of school and work, I haven’t been able to write such a poem in a long time. Today, however, my friend Dustin challenged me to write a spin-off poem of sorts, using the “rebel” idea from the last poem and placing it within the context of Star Wars. I had the time, so I accepted the challenge. I hope you like it!

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