Poem Challenge!

When I first began to try my hand at poetry, I practiced by writing poems based on random ideas from my friends. Because of school and work, I haven’t been able to write such a poem in a long time. Today, however, my friend Dustin challenged me to write a spin-off poem of sorts, using the “rebel” idea from the last poem and placing it within the context of Star Wars. I had the time, so I accepted the challenge. I hope you like it!

Darkness spans across the cosmos
As the dark side marches on
Subjugating through the osmose
Of a world where light is gone
Palpatine has won the power
See his puppets play their part
Crushing hope like heel to flower
Highest Empire with no heart
Yet the light has not yet vanished
Yet the Force is used for good
Though the Jedi have been banished
Yet the masters have withstood
So we stand against battalions
Standing for a better way
Ill-advised are our rebellions
Still the Rebel part we’ll play
Let them send their star destroyers
Let them try to rule our space
We will follow young Skywalker
For the fate of ev’ry race


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