The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth.jpeg

This lurching of the torchlight through
The shadows of the labyrinth
Reflects the frantic flickers of
My hope to glimpse the terebinth
That grows outside the entrance of
This maze where death has taken you.

This maze where death has taken you
Has conquered many souls before
This day did break with skies of blood
Now here I am ‘midst growls and gore.
I mask my smell with coat of mud.
I search for you now lost from view.

I search for you now lost from view –
Love stolen by a heartless beast –
In hope that he has not been quick
In making you his morning feast.
Such thoughts do make me deathly sick;
I pray an alternate is true.

I pray an alternate is true,
That you might have escaped the myth
And have been since in search of me.
Survival, then, the point, the pith!
If you yet live then I must see
This lurching of the torchlight through.

Labyrinth (Allegorical)

Labyrinth photo.jpg

This world is but a labyrinth of lies,
And all of us are seeking an escape
From tunnels which resound with wretched cries,
From sights which leave our speechless mouths agape.
Within this maze there walks a wicked foe
Who wills to tear apart and to devour.
This minotaur in darkness down below
Is claiming lives with ev’ry passing hour.
In vain do we attempt to hide away
From him in hope that we will yet survive.
We tell each other stories of the day
As one by one we cease to be alive.
We cry out for our Theseus to fight
And save us from the terror of the night.

Daniel and Christmas

In the book of Daniel, we read of a handful of God-fearing men who were taken from their homeland and were brought to Babylon to be trained for service to the king. Because of their devotion to the Lord, these men stood out from their peers in wisdom and understanding (Daniel 1:17-21), earning them high places before the king. The stories of how God used these men are extraordinary, so it’s no surprise that many of us learned these stories in Sunday School classes and Vacation Bible Schools growing up. Yet these stories are not just for children.

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