A Joyful Cogitation

What beauty does exist for those
Whose lives are lost for better life,
For from the death of flesh arose
Freedom and vict’ry over strife!
In Christ, the perfect priest of hope
Indwelling all whom he has gleaned,
No devil now can interlope
Near to the souls the blood has cleaned.
A joy now reigns in time of loss,
And loss of all is highest gain.
Salvation, that the crux – the cross,
Succeeded in the Savior’s pain.
Pure now, the slate of sinful man,
Purged by surrender to the King.
“Repentance! Glory! Heaven’s plan!”
Redemption opens lips to sing.
Destruction now can not destroy.
Despair no longer holds its pow’r.
Temptation fails to be a ploy
Though hell should loose itself this hour.
Christ’s work has won a life of peace.
Creation’s hope we recognize.
Old, earthly treasures we release.
Onward we march! On to the prize!


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