God’s Faithfulness to Stubborn Hearts

God's Faithfulness to Stubborn Hearts photo.jpeg

The Israelites were a hardheaded bunch of characters. I’ve been reading through the early books of the Bible (I just recently started on Deuteronomy), and I’ve noticed that the Israelites seem to rarely be content. No matter their situation, they always want something more. When they are miraculously delivered from captivity, they complain that their food situation isn’t adequate. When God miraculously provides bread, they complain that they don’t have meat. When God miraculously provides meat, they soon begin to complain that they’re tired of the meat. Throughout the wilderness wandering (which came about due to the people’s disobedience), Israel shows herself to be a fussy people.

Yet this is where God seems to shine the brightest. In spite of the people’s selfishness and rebellion, God remains faithful to his promise. Though they disobey him, he still brings them to the promised land. Though they profane his name, he still blesses them and provides for them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that God ignores their sin; he disciplines them when they stray (hence the wilderness wandering). But through everything, God remains their God. He keeps his promise. He is with them.

All too often, I notice the similarity between me and Israel. I complain in the face of God’s blessings, and I stray in spite of God’s guidance. But God remains my God through everything, disciplining me and growing me, calling me back to repentance and to faith. When I act in opposition to his ways, he still loves me and provides for me. Such faithfulness, such mercy and grace, doesn’t incite my heart to further sin; rather, his faithfulness humbles me as I recognize how utterly undeserving I am of his love.

This week, I pray we would reflect upon God’s faithfulness. I pray that my often cold heart would be warmed by the Father’s love to walk in a manner worthy of his calling. And I pray that as I grow to see him better, I would be used to help others see him better as well. May he be glorified over all.


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