The Fellowship of Believers

This weekend, I saw the church in action.

As a new student faced a week full of trials and frustrations, his friends surrounded him, giving of their time and talents to help him through the week. Christ shined through their service and selflessness. They worked hard, they shared the Gospel with those around them, and they prayed together.

I’m reminded of the descriptions of the church in Acts. As the church then grew together like a family, so these believers came together around their brother. I watched men drop their plans at a moment’s notice when they heard of need, and they exemplified Christ in their actions. And as they gave of themselves, I watched the brother in need praise God in the midst of his trials. I saw a man who should have been broken stand strong in his faith.

This week, I want to live more like those men. I want to learn from their example. In all things, I pray God will be glorified by how we, as his people, live.


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