Change and Constancy

The train is now departing.
I stand upon the platform and I wonder,
Did I choose rightly when I chose to stay?
Is this the better way?
What life would now be starting
If I had stepped aboard and joined the thunder
Of racing steel and distant storms, away
From where I stand today?

But who could say?

Life is a series of decisions,
Of written words without revisions.
I wish I never made mistakes.
I often do.
Yet on clear tracks and in collisions,
You meet our needs with good provisions.
Through all that mends and all that breaks,
You remain you.

Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash

Note: A quick Google search revealed that the line “Life is a series of decisions” has been used in many other works. While I didn’t have any specific source in mind when I decided to use that line, I recognize that the wording isn’t original to me.

2 thoughts on “Change and Constancy

  1. I almost said I ”enjoy” your writings. I do receive from them but it is more than enjoyment of words well used. They are thought provoking. Comforting. Sometimes deep enough to warrant considered contemplation. Sometimes fun. God bless you and your Ministry in His Kingdom. (You don’t really know me. I’m Jennifer Eastland’s Mom. Your Mom and Dad met my husband and I when we visited her and David when they were in your Church.) Just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated. May you continue to serve in God’s Kingdom work. Love and prayers. GdMa Clara Hanes [Clara Jeanette Hanes on Facebook if you do that.]

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