Jars of Clay

I’m not good at letting people see me struggle.

Recently, I was challenged to allow people to see my brokenness, to allow God’s sufficiency and sovereignty and power and glory to shine through my weaknesses and difficulties and fears and confusions (see 2 Corinthians 4 and 12). I realized that my struggles are opportunities for the Gospel to shine as God impacts my life. I’m not perfect. I’m more broken than I’ve shown. But, by his grace, I’m praying God uses my life for his glory.

These poems came from time spent pouring my heart out to God. Before I’m real with people, I must be real with him. I pray God uses these to encourage you. Rest in him. Fight well.


Totaled in dependence.
Radic’lly redeemed.
Awed before transcendence.
Not what I’ve been deemed.
Sorrowful and broken.
Peaceful, yet at war.
After what’s been spoken.
Reaching for the door.
Ever apprehensive.
Never lost in night.
Constantly progressive.
Yielding to the light.


My heart and mind are mighty men;
I know one stronger still.
Emotion floods my flesh, so then
I seek his holy will.
So frightened by what eyes can see,
I’m torn by thoughts and fears.
Yet turning now to sov’reignty,
I trust the One who hears.

“Leave Me Not, My Lord”

Leave me not, my Lord.
I do not know the way.
Around me all is dark.
With you, the night is day.

Leave me not, my Lord.
I fear the man within.
For while your heart is pure,
My own is sick with sin.

Leave me not, my Lord.
The enemy surrounds.
I see no hope for man
Unless your grace abounds.

Leave me not, my Lord,
No matter what I say.
Though met with perfect love,
My heart is prone to stray.

Leave me not, my Lord,
For all I have is Thee.
So take me as your own
For all eternity.


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